Monday, May 25, 2009

Doesn't Look Like Much...

It doesn't appear that much knitting has gotten done since I last posted, but there were two days in which I worked so much that practically NO knitting got done. It's feast or famine at the ole job these days. But really, working on three socks at once means none of them go really quickly.

Above is one of the Air Raid socks (the other one is hiding). Doing socks two at a time seems to go more slowly, to me. So much adjusting of needles. And invariably I get to the heel when I don't have any handy instructions to refer to, so I pick up gusset stitches at the wrong spot and end up with some gusset stitches on the instep half of the needles. That happened again, so I tried to use another needle as a holder to get back on track, and ended up with each sock separated! I re-joined the conjoined twins and am back on track.

The color in the above photo is more accurate than the other one I posted. This is VERY bright yarn! Feels great, though. I think I like Panda Silk best, but Panda Cotton is very nice, too.

Here's how far I am on the Hopscotch socks on size 2 needles. I am getting by just knitting the foot stitches tightly, rather than doing size 0 on the foot and 2 on the instep. This is mainly because I can't find my metal size 0 KnitPicks needle, and the wooden one broke. I am ordering another one. I don't mind paying--I broke it myself. I think this is one darned handsome sock! It takes a while to do all the slip stitches, but sure is worth it for the effect. I think it's stunning.

And here is a close-up of the stitch pattern. It looks so nice. I have always loved this pattern, and making it a rib by adding the purl after each repeat is a very nice touch. Such a simple but effective technique!

What's Next?

I had intended to work on the entrelac shawl next, but there are two reasons it will need to wait.

First, my LYS is having a Knit-a-long of the Aeolian shawl from the current Knitty, and to support them, I ordered yarn to make it along with them. I'm actually going to use a colorway I already have, and save what I buy for something else, but I want to support the shop in these trying times, and they don't have any other yarn I need right now. Alla, the Lace Queen, made a sample and it looks lovely. Nupps abound. Her shawl is interesting because she was using scrap yarn and ran out one row before the bind off. She found a mohair that exactly matched her main yarn, and it actually looks on purpose--very pretty!

Second, I am doing a barter with a friend from church. She is making a quilt/wall hanging to put in our media room (she's done with the top), and I said I'd make a vest for her. I hadn't figured out a pattern, but now I have. WHOA did I find a cute pattern on Ravelry yesterday! It's called the Lady Jane Vest, and it's got all sorts of features I would enjoy making. Cables, ribs, lack of seams...yeah. Look it up on Ravelry--there are a couple of photos that really show how nice it looks on different people there. I am going to make hers out of KnitPicks Comfy, but have not decided whether to shell out the bucks for the fancy cotton/seacell yarn called for in the pattern or just use the Comfy. (A few minutes have passed.) I know the answer to that dilemma now. I just found the FibraNatura Mermaid yarn called for in the pattern on sale for $7 a skein rather than more like $11, so I am getting the cotton, silk and seacell stuff for me! I just ordered it in purple. I also got a weird sock yarn and a second skein of the colorway I already have one of in Noro Kureyon sock so I can make a shawl.

I haven't ordered yarn in so long that it feels very decadent.

OK, must head to the LYS. Thanks for all your recent comments!

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