Monday, May 11, 2009

Socky Weekend

Hi there. No blogging over the weekend, but that means I was away from the computer, so there was more time for knitting!

Here's how much of the second On Hold sock I got done! That was done between noon on Saturday and about 4 pm on Sunday, so not too bad. We went to see Lee's dad, so there was a lot of knitting on the way there and back, and plenty of knitting time listening to him talk, and plenty of time to knit driving him to Victoria to eat in a real restaurant. The photo is rather washed out, but there are slightly better ones below.

Here's the first sock, all finished. I had to bind it off twice, so I seem to have gotten into some bad bind-off habit. I am now just hoping I have enough yarn for the second sock. I didn't realize this fancy yarn had fewer yards than most sock yarns, and I made this sock pretty long. Well, I usually have a LOT left over in normal yarn, so I am keeping my hopes up. I'll know soon!

This side view shows how the side patterning goes through the ribbing, and has a little glimpse of the heel. I love it, but I think I missed picking up a wrap, so there is a little hole. Well, no one looks at the bottoms of my feet, so I think I will be OK. I did the pattern on the backs of the socks, even though Wendy doesn't have you do that in the pattern. I just like doing the lace.

I already know what sock I want to make next. I saw it on Emily's blog last week. They are called Hopscotch Socks, and they really do good things to regularly patterned hand-dyed socks, like Lorna's Laces. However, it looks like I'll have to order the pattern, and I don't have the urge to spend as much on shipping something as it costs to buy the item. Guess I'll wait until I need some yarn. Boo hoo. I'll find something fun in the Cookie A. book or something, instead.

Now that I have the yarn (same dye lot, woo) I am going to finish Bridget tonight, I hope, then get cracking on finishing that vest and the Flit and Float! Plenty to do that isn't socks.

Let's hope I have something REALLY interesting to share next time!


  1. Lovely!

    Thanks for your words of sympathy, too.

  2. Beautiful sock! It's situations like this that make me forever grateful my mom bought me a postal scale for Christmas. (even if she didn't understand why it was on my wish list)


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