Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket Almost Done

A college football game featuring a local team was so exciting last night that I was unable to finish this (well, I also cooked dinner and did normal human stuff). I even hooted.

But, isn't this sweater cute? I am incredibly impressed with myself at how the striping pattern I totally made up randomly is working out absolutely perfectly for the BSJ! My buttonhole band looks especially good, because I diverged slightly from the instructions so that there is not an irritating extra purl ridge on one side. This makes my purple and green stripes look all perfect. I just have a few more rows to go, albeit long ones. I am thinking I will crochet neatly around the neck, and perhaps do a decorative 3-needle bind-off on the shoulder seams. I like the way that looked on the Wrap Me Up shawl.

My next goal is to make another one in a self-striping yarn with more decorative increases and decreases. Then, orange sweater!!!


  1. I need to get this pattern! I love every Baby Surprise Jacket I see!

  2. Same as Tophat, but this is a very beautiful one!

  3. It is looking great! btw, I saw doggy pictures on your flickr stream and they made me grin.


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