Friday, July 18, 2008

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Panda Silk Socks
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Since it's summer I decided I wanted some more cool socks, so I chose Panda Silk yarn that I got at Gauge Knits a while back. It's in blue jeans colors, so I know the socks will get used. For fun, I decided to do two socks on two circulars, of course, forgetting I'd bought that 2-at-a-Time Socks book. So I figured out all the casting on and stuff for myself. I actually like how I did it better than the method in the book, so all is well.

I don't have a long enough size 0 to do magic loop, so I am using two circulars. It makes it easy to tell whether I am on the beginning or middle of a round, since they are one each of the two KnitPicks types. I am still a bit irritated with all those pointy things getting tangled in the yarn, but it's not too bad, really. I'd probably like magic looping better.

The pattern is Ripples and Waves, from the Yarnarian. It costs $4 and you can get it from Ravelry or her site. It's a fun pattern that goes up and down and it good for short repeat multicolored yarns like this. The pattern is very easy to memorize, too.

So, the photo shows how the socks looked on Wednesday. I finished the first pattern repeat and tried on the socks. I tried them on. Well, even making the larger size, I could only barely get the socks over my instep. Like Jaywalker, these can get tight. So, I decided to frog back to the ribbing and make the socks bigger by expanding the pattern. That increased the width by 8. Now they go on fine, but still aren't loose or anything. It certainly was an adventure undoing each sock and getting all the stitches back on in the right order. Luckily I did it at the LYS when there weren't many customers or chatting friends!

I'll have a nicer photo once I get a little more on the socks, since Blackberry photos aren't the ideal way to show off one's knitting.

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