Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend of Boring Knitting

Prayer Shawl
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I wish I were announcing a new pattern, finishing a fancy project, or something that would give me a huge spike in readers like last week, but, thankfully, this isn't a blog out to get the most possible readers, but rather one that plods through my boring stretches as well as celebrating exciting stuff.

This holiday weekend's project is not the most exciting, nor is it all that original. But it's meaningful! I think I mentioned it earlier, but if I didn't, what I am working on is a prayer shawl for one of the ministers at our church. Chuck is a really nice guy with whom I have worked on various projects and been through a lot of trauma (on both our parts). He is going on a sabbatical, his first since he joined this church over a decade ago (after many years of not wanting to be a church minister--Unitarian Universalism was not his original faith). One of the other knitters at the church got the idea of making a prayer shawl, and having a bunch of the knitters in the congregation contribute. I said I'd be happy to help, and she went on to find other volunteers, ranging from her pre-teen daughter to Diane, another regular reader of this blog.

The organizer and I got together at the LYS last week and found 7 colors of Noro Kureyon (see photo) that all had brown and other neutrals in it, one skein per person (because, as I may have mentioned, I just can't "do" Lion Brand Homespun). The photo shows the first skein knitted up in the "standard" prayer shawl K3, P3 broken garter stitch pattern. Once I knitted the first skein, I realized it wouldn't be quite long enough with just 7 skeins, so it was agreed that I'd do two more, because I am the fastest. Tomorrow I'll get two more colors, either ones in the first batch, or others if I find two more that are suitable. Then I will pass it on to Diane.

I know that group projects can have gauge issues. I knit loosely, for example, and Diane knits tightly. So, I did my part on size 8 needles, hope Diane will use 10.5, and hope the rest of the folks will use 10s. I think that will work. Slight variations will just add to the charm of the group project, I think!

And I am pretty sure good ole Chuck will appreciate the shawl. it looks pretty durned manly, yet has some nice colors. All the neutrals blend and change, so it will remind him of the individuals supporting him as he explores his interests and spreads his wings for a few months!

Um, also...I actually enjoyed working on the project. It was a nice break from all those lace patterns!

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  1. What a nice gift---and your wedding shawl is gorgeous!


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