Friday, July 4, 2008

Diamonds Dishcloths

Diamonds and Seeds Dishcloth
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I seem to have forgotten to post the exciting details of these two dishcloths, so I am back-dating this entry to make up for that. Gosh, I know dishcloths are sort of mundane, but they do good work, and they are great practice for knitting various patterns. And that's what these are.
Both are knit in pink King Tut cotton and took most of one ball (the remainder went into a crocheted square dishcloth that also used the cherry pink--imagine a square dishcloth and you'll have it).

First is the Diamonds and Seeds cloth. The diamonds are the Diamond Medallion pattern on page 139 of the Lace and Eyelets Harmony Guide. They alternate with panels of seed stitch for some nice texture. The fun part of this one was that I tried a new technique for SSK that was supposed to be more analagous to K2tog, but to tell the truth, it looked about the same. I read about it on the Texas knitting list for ladies only (sigh) so I guess I can find it amid the happy birthday, happy anniversary posts if I need it! So, this dishcloth served a learning purpose, anyway.

The other one is the Diamond and Eyelet dishcloth, based on the Diamond and Eyelet pattern on page 120 of the Lace and Eyelets Harmony Guide. I repeated it 3 times, with rows 1-3 added at the end for balance. This is not a difficult pattern, but I must have been stressed out, because I kept messing up the lace part. I found it a little funny, because I didn't mess up on the wedding shawl but a couple of times, and I made more mistakes on this little cloth. At least it was less work to remove a couple of rows on this!

Well, that's it for dishcloths for the moment. I am still going to make a few more. One more cherry one and then with some thinner yarn a few of my favorite Bathtime Blossoms patterns. That's because I like to knit those, so there! There's another flower-shaped one I may also do. Then, I think I will have made enough for my friend to use daily!

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