Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thanks, and Triangles Dishcloth

Triangles Dishcloth
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Hey, thanks, everyone for your wonderful comments on the wedding shawl. I am so pleased with it, and with all the nice things you said. Last night I even found some dresses online that might go with it--garnet colored silk "suit" kind of formal attire. I'll just have to head down to the expensive wedding shop once I am working, and look at them.

I do have something like a job starting next week, teaching MS Office applications 3-4 days a week. Still hoping that the two jobs I want come through--they should, just are moving slowly.

The knitting right now is not as exciting as it has been, but still moving along. Here's one of the many pink dish cloths I have been knitting for a friend from my former life. Her kitchen is pink and has a cherry theme, so this cherry pink yarn had to be used. I am making up cloths using patterns in the new Harmony Guides. This one is the Eyelet Pyramids pattern, on page 176. I knitted 8 rows of garter stitch for the border and have 4 stitch borders in garter stitch. I cast on 47 stitches for the cloth. It's obviously not blocked. The nice thing about this pattern is that it looks pretty good on both sides. I like that in a dishcloth, though some of the ones I've made don't do that. An example is the Three Cherries dischcloth below, whose pattern I got off the Internet. I am not thrilled with this one, but I think I'll make another anyway, since it fits the theme. And yes, these two cloths are made with the same yarn. My camera just went weird with the cherry one and made it look orange.

I'm using random cotton yarn from my stash and some I got on sale at the LYS. After this I was supposed to start another Lace and Cable cardigan, but I think I have to knit 1/7 of a prayer shawl for our minister who is going on sabbatical first. I admit that I have never made one of those. I am hoping we can make it in Noro Kureyon or something fun. I just can't handle Lion Brand Homespun at this point in my life. It bothers my hands. Chuck's a nice guy, and taking his sabbatical to do some interesting liberal do-gooder stuff, so I am happy to work on something for him, and how long can it take to knit up one ball of Kureyon, anyway?

Tomorrow I will post another fine dishcloth from the Eyelet and Cable Harmony Guide.

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