Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Answer to Shalom Question

Anonymous asked if I had published the directions to the Shalom cardigan on my blog. I didn't design it, but you can get the pattern here. It's by Meghan McFarlane, and has been modified many times by many others. The photo is of the original, borrowed from Ravelry. Meghan's blog, Involving the Senses, has a collection of ideas on it, too. My knitting friend Nancy the Quilter has made an especially lovely one with long sleeves. Maybe if she reads this she will post a link to a photo of it. She based a lot of her changes on ones by someone named Ishi--here is a link to her Ravelry page listing them. If you are on Ravelry, just type "shalom" in the patterns area and you will find the pattern, then you can look at all the lovely variants. It's really popular!

My next "really popular" pattern may well be the one everyone is liking so much in the current Knitty, Decimal. But I am not supposed to be starting new things when I have that queue awaiting me! I do have yarn I could use for that one already, another colorway of the same yarn I am using for Bridget!

Speaking of which, time to go work on my knitting. I hope that helped, Anonyous! And you readers are welcome to ask questions at any time!

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