Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Review of Knitorama and Not Much Else

How I wish I had something exciting to share with you today. But, all I’ve been doing knitting-wise is continuing down the front of my jacket. I might even finish this weekend, since I am almost to the end of the sleeve, whereupon the rows will be a lot shorter. I did get to the end of my third skein of Kauni, and was thrilled to discover I only had to wind off a few yards of the fourth skein to continue in the striping sequence. I want the front to look pretty, so of course I didn’t want to mar the stripes!

But, wait, I have at least one book to talk about.

Book Review: Knitorama

Yesterday was my birthday, and in addition to the yarn from last weekend, I also got a knitting book. My older son, who forgot to get me anything for Christmas and has had it “mentioned” to him a couple of times, texted me last week, suavely, and asked if I had a book called Knitorama. So, wow, was I surprised or what to find that book sitting on my computer Wednesday morning! He was leaving for the state debate tournament, so he wouldn’t be home for the actual birthday. I was quite impressed at his new and improved technique, probably spurred on by his girlfriend, but that’s fine. He also gave me a really funny hand-drawn card in the format of an SAT question. I’ll always treasure that!

So, I have a book to review, at least! And what a major hoot this book is. It’s from 2005, so many of you may already have it. It was published in England, which may be why I hadn’t seen it. It’s probably not something I would have bought for myself, but once I got to reading it, I began to enjoy the humor and whimsy of both the writing and the projects, very much! The whole book (by Rachael Matthews) is full of photos of young people dressed up in an imaginary “retro” style. Or maybe it’s just “artsy.” They are all holding their knitted items with a glee only found in 50s and 60s ads. And the items are just plain cute. The only pattern I had heard of before is the apple cozy. Yes, a cover for your apple. I’d thought it was a silly item, but when I showed it to the woman who sits next to me in choir, the one who only eats raw food, she got quite excited by it. So, you never know.

Other projects you’ll find in Knitorama are a knitted cake, hand grenade, book (with pages that turn), and the all-time favorite in our family, the crocheted glass of Guinness. I’d thought I should make one for my ex-husband the Irishman, but Tuba Boy texted me most vehemently (if you can do such a think) that HE wanted it!). I happen to have all that naturally colored organic yarn in brown and cream that would be perfect!

I’d say that the most casual knitter or even a non-knitter would enjoy this book, just for the fun writing style, the very beautifully staged illustrations and photos, and the overall light-heartedness. And to top it off, the book is simply well done. The pages are thick and have rounded edges. The publisher, Spruce, did not scrimp on production, which I am predicting will be the rule in the future, the way magazines are getting smaller and on ickier paper, it can’t be far behind for books. I love books, even if I AM Mrs. Internet User.

Here’s a link to the Ravelry page on the book, where you can see samples of the patterns and learn more about it. You can also find it on Amazon, so check it out. It doesn’t even cost too much.

Thanks, Tuba Boy, for the fine gift! And good luck in the tournament (it isn’t over until Saturday night).


  1. Ok, if I show that to my son he's going to want the knit grenade (he recently discovered Monty Python).

  2. Thanks for the review! I can't wait to check this out.


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