Thursday, March 19, 2009

Days to Celebrate! Yarn to Salivate...over

My personal knitting is not very exciting right now. I am heading up the leg on the Charybdis sock, and it is a fine looking sock. Everyone said “ooh” and “aah” when I tried it on yesterday. And I do a few rows on Itchy Shalom each day—that’s as much as I can handle of the slippery yarn plus slippery needles combo. Mostly I am concerned that I won’t have enough yarn to put any sleeves on it. And I don’t think I can integrate any other bulky yarn I own into it, because nothing at all has a similar texture. But, I have a candidate or two, and may have to give it a try!


I usually get a lot done on Wednesdays, but yesterday I chose to chat and mingle during Chicks with Sticks, rather than sitting and knitting. There was a lot to talk about! One of our most regular readers and commenters, Katie G., had her baby on Tuesday, so there was a lot of talk and excitement on that topic. We can’t wait to see baby Abby, though I am trying to leave the family alone, and know they have tons of visitors as it is. There will be lots of visiting time soon enough!

And yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my local yarn shop, or shoppe, as they spell it. I showed up right on Day 1, and have been there at least twice a week most weeks ever since then! It’s a little home away from home. In these rough economic times, it really pays to hug your LYS owner, and to remember to buy something! (Heh, after spending my wedding gift certificate, I think I own all the yarn I will ever need from there, but I am sure I can be persuaded to change my mind.)

Note that today's photo (from July 2007) combines both exciting events. There's Pat staffing the LYS cash register, and Katie long before baby Abby was an imminent presence. Glad we still have both Katie and the shop to enjoy!

Tonight some friends and I are trying out a new tea shop in Round Rock, whose owner said she’d welcome knitters. That sounds good to me—the menu has delicious sandwiches on it, and I hear there are really nice couches to sit and knit on! I will report on this tomorrow!

Cool Yarn

I’ll end on a cool yarn alert: Dena bought some Araucania Ruca yarn in her travels over the weekend. This is 100% sugar cane derived! Finally, sugar that won’t make me fat! You can’t see it in the illustration on the link, but it has a lovely sheen, slightly “sugary” even. It feels very good, dry like cotton, but not harsh. I gots to get me some of that! They say you can make socks out of it, though it is DK weight. I’ll get at least two skeins, so I’ll have enough for socks or a scarf, but I’ll probably wait until my job situation settles out (and I have some prospects, so there’s hope I can smoothly transition from my current contract to something else!).

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  1. Well, we can have a yarnmeal with yarn made from corn, milk and sugar. Remarkable...


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