Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clearly Koi!

I have two fine and fun things to show you today, both of which I am quite excited about. So excited that I am blogging even though I am really tired of typing today!

First, you see some very pretty yarn. This is my special, made just for me, yarn that Ray at Knitivity made for me. It's two skeins of his DuraLace yarn, and one skein of his Down Home Socks yarn. They were dyed at the same time, so they match perfectly. Do click on the close-up to see what it looks like. These are a weird combo of colors, but I just love them together!

Here is what inspired the colorway, a t-shirt that my husband got me from Threadless, our favorite shirt source. Isn't it a cool image? The colors are very saturated and smooshy. I love fish, especially Koi. Ray did a great job on this yarn, and I am not just saying it because he has become my friend over the past couple of years--this is very pretty yarn, not too intense, not too pastel. Delicious.

I know I am going to make some wonderful socks out of the sock yarn, but I am thinking hard about what lace project to make with the laceweight. I saw a fairly simple rectangular stole in Victorian Lace Today that someone made, that has a fancy edge. Maybe that will not get overwhelmed by all the colors...we'll see. Mostly I am just carrying the yarn around with me and swooning. Thanks, Ray!

Next you see where I currently am on the Dianna2 shawl. Check out those needles! I got some of the new KnitPicks clear ones! They are called Zephyr and the name fits. I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like them. Why, you ask?

1. They are not too slippery, not too grippy. They will be great for lace, I predict.
2. They bend a little. It makes doing difficult stitches easier, somehow.
3. They are very pointy. I like pointy needles. Again, makes lace stuff easy.
4. I love this: they are SILENT. It makes NO noise to knit with them. It's eerie!
5. They are INVISIBLE. Clear, even. I love how the other side of the yarn looks through the needle, and how yarn looks through it. Just plain fun.

These don't go smaller than size 4, but that's fine. I really like the wooden ones for socks. If you can do it, get yourself a pair of these in your favorite size, and give them a try. You might like them, too. I honestly didn't think I'd be as fond of these needles as I am. Usually I don't like plastic much, but this is pretty and feels good.

I need to get a bit of knitting in this evening, so I will sign off. But, I just had to show you my new toys!


  1. I was really wanting to shell out for the Zephyr Interchangables. Good to hear a review from someone I know, who likes similar knitting stuff as me. I will likely order them when I have the spare money.

  2. I'm going to have to break down and get some of those needles. Are they sturdier than the wood as far as breakage goes? I think I knit too tightly or something for the smaller needles. my size 1 knit picks (metal) are curved b/c I hold them too tight.

  3. This shawl caught my eye as something you might like. A possibility for your fun new yarn?

  4. Jennifer, I thought of you for these needles. They seem way sturdier than wood--the ad said they'd be good for travel, etc. Not sure if they will be making small ones, though.

    Emily--you forgot to link. I will go tell you that privately--want to see your idea!

  5. I'm still a bamboo guy, but can you get more of that yarn? I want some! r u gonna share?

  6. Ray says he will add it to his line-up, so you will be able to order it at

  7. The yarn is beautiful! Cant wait to see it in person! Miss u at the yarn shop during the day but know the work hours are welcome!

  8. Thanks, Marcia. I am at Kynan's college orientation this weekend, but will be back Wednesday--maybe before if things at work settle a bit.

  9. It's extraordinary how Ray has matched the colours! Great work. And the Zephyr, are they new? Well, anyway, we can't get the Knitpick things over here (though we all find all kind of solutions for that :-)


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