Monday, August 3, 2009

A Lull

It's been a little quiet here, because while I have stuff to say, I am too tired and sinus-y to type it. I am sure that will pass! Here's a photo of my pansy Tidy Tote that John-Francis made me. You'd never know it was a cat litter container at heart!

I'm getting in the groove for a much more intense work environment than I've had in a couple of years (other than the 3 month job from you know where). So I get too tired to type in the evenings.

And this weekend I knitted a lot, when I didn't have a major sinus issue. The shawl is to where it takes a day to do a row, but it's up to row 13! The colors are really balancing nicely. It will just be a while before it is done!

I have had to sit and wait while files are loading or compiling a bit lately, so my poor Hopscotch sock actually grew. I do need to finish that thing up! I'm halfway down the foot, so the end is in sight.

If you have not seen the fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits and are a fan of cables, I encourage you to give it a look (here's the link to the preview). There are a couple of really nice cabled projects, as well as some rustic lace ones. I definitely want to make the one with the slanting cables, Slanting Gretel. I also enjoyed the articles on yarn making in the US and the features on American yarns. It's nice to know we still have some, while at the same time appreciating the yarns I can get from all over the world!

The fall Vogue Knitting also came, and while I didn't get overly excited, there were a couple of things I liked.

Nothing witty or funny to say today. My head hurts too much. Maybe I'll be more lively later!


  1. I've been eyeing Slanting Gretel, too. I have plenty of Brown Sheep yarn in my stash for it... just need the time!

  2. Love the container-we buy litter in bags though, and I doubt that will work with a bag!
    If you find a solution to the sinus problems, please let me know! I had surgery and am supposed to have perfect sinuses---HAH!
    I linked to you today.
    Happy knitting-hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'm hoping your sinuses clear out (or ... do whatever they need to do so you feel better soon!). Thanks for the magazine tip -- I adore cables and can't wait to devour this issue!


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