Monday, August 24, 2009

Momento of Fame

That crafty inventor of the Yarn Caddy 3000 and Tidy Tote, John Francis, has quickly attained his goal of knitting superstardom, by getting a big long feature on his knitting on the Pagewood Farms blog. There are some of his wonderful photos of his lace knitting (including lovely images of his table runner in their yarn), but also, one of me. So, I think I am almost famous. Seriously, though, nice photos. And he sure is thrilled to get his moment of fame! It reminds me of when I got that big award from the small nonprofit--felt famous for a while!

And it is some lovely sock yarn made by nice people! Check out the blog. And if you are local and want some of it, it's available at Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe!

No other knitting news--I started a second sock and am continuing with the Dianna border. I am frustrated that my big new computer has some sort of horrible issue that allows it to connect to the Internet, but not receive email or display websites. So, I have been knitting away those frustrations.

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