Saturday, August 8, 2009

Skipping 'cause Hopscotch is done

Isn't this a lovely thing? It's a close-up of the stitching on my Hopscotch socks, which I started back in May, but languished while I was making the Lady Jane vest, the Aeolian shawl and the Dianna sisters. Luckily, I had some time at work where I had to wait on tedious file publishing and uploadings to occur, so I had time to work on the second sock last week.

And yay, I finished it. My fine son Beccano took pictures of it, which look fine in PhotoShop but have a distinctly bluish tinge when uploaded. Oh well, as we know, I am not a graphics person. Very good with words, editing and vocal talent, though.

Interesting how they pooled differently, huh. I did the heel in some relative of the eye of partridge, and it's OK but not so great. I do love the slip-stitch pattern, though, and will use it again. I just have to remember to go up in needle size! These were done on size 2 (the smaller size 2, 2.75 cm). And to remind you, the yarn is Lorna's Laces in the Gone Fishin' colorway. The skeins varied slightly, with one a little more vibrant in the orange than the other, but not enough to cause a problem. I really think it is a fun colorway--very different. Actually, I adore these socks. I predict they will be among my favorites. I can't believe I took so long to finish them!
Of course, I started a new pair of socks. I never go a moment without socks on the needles. I will have photos of them later in the week, so I will leave them a mystery for now. Oooh, mystery.

Dianna 2 is moving along. Work has been rather intense so it isn't zooming, but progress is being made. I am going to be slowed down by another thing, too.

This afternoon Deana and I took a beading class at the Sea of Beads shop. It was a simple peyote stitch bracelet. It's fun, and now, with some instruction, I know what I am doing on it. I'm making one in green and blue, in a double stitch. Photos of that will come, too. The bracelet will be a great thing to wear to football games, since it's Beccano's school colors. I also got beads to make one in Tuba Boy's new college colors, which are yellow and black. (Sniff, my boy starts college next weekend.)

I bought a bunch of beads, mostly because there was a sale where tubes were a dollar each rather than nearly four dollars. I got beads to make the one Deana made, which has bugle beads and teeny weeny delicas in it, too. I don't think beading will replace knitting, but it's a fun alternative.

Elsewise, all is well. I had some nice times at the yarn shop, and it was good to relax with friends after a hard week at work. Things are not bad at all! Just keep your fingers crossed that they make my job permanent!


  1. I love the stitch pattern on those. And it is amazing how different the colors look. Very cool socks!

  2. The stitch pattern beautifully compliments the yarn. It's great to know things are good :)

  3. I really like the pattern on these. (I'm finally catching up on blog posts)


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