Friday, May 23, 2008

Some FAST Knitting

Bright, Burly Socks
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If you ever get tired of your projects taking a long time, try knitting up some socks in DK weight. I did these in two days of bus knitting. They won't be sturdy enough for long, hard wear, but will be great around the house or with clogs. I made them sort of short, thinking they might look cute with capris on casual days. I was glad that the foot part didn't have the pooling effect the cuff did. Amazing how switching from rib to stockinette changed things.

I did these top down, by the way. I had momentary confusion when I got to the heel and realized I had to do it the "old" way, LOL.

I did get some lovely Rowan Cashsoft yarn for a hat for my younger son. I must love him, since I sure spend more money on yarn for his items than I have for my last two practical, cotton things!

I guess I may have the other sock done early next week, unless I need to do a lot of easy car knitting over the weekend, in which case I may get to pick new yarn even sooner!

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