Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disgusting Mess

Disgusting Mess
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Remember that tangle of Schaeffer Anne? Here is what it looked like when I got home from work yesterday. You can see a ball and a tangled blob.

What is sad is that I spent at least 2.5 hours of one of my rare nights at home last night, working on that blob. I would love to report that I now have a ball of yarn, ready to be a scarf. Instead, I regret to say I now have a bigger ball and a smaller blob. Now, the blob is significantly smaller and still in good enough shape that I am positive I will eventually have a ball of yarn with no knots or breaks.

But, whoa! Was this skein of yarn a MESS!! Whoever skeined it must have been having a very, very bad day. And not only does the yarn go in, out, around and back with great frequency, the strands seem to have begun to felt a bit, so they don't separate nicely. That means that even in the rare places where the yarn would like to unwind smoothly, I have to go slowly so I can separate the strands. Yeesh!

I wrote on an email list that I think I deserve the Patient Knitter of the Month Award for doing this. I sure hope the scarf works out nicely. I know it will be thinner than the one photographed in Victorian Lace Today, but I have seen other people's projects using various yarns for this scarf, and all look pretty good. I just want to swatch so I can see what size needles to use!!! Wah!

In happier news, now that it is finally blocked, I can wear the Surplice Top. I wore it to work today with a brown shirt under it, and it looks great. Blocking really helped smooth the neckband. However, I didn't get the bottom straight, so it sorta has waves. They look OK, though. The lace is so pretty all straightened out! What the heck, I will share the photo my son took of it yesterday, so you can see how much improved it is (yes, the picture is blurry--my son took it). You can see why I probably won't wear it without a camisole in the future!

And of course, let me thank everyone who's posting ideas for lacy wedding items. I am getting all sorts of good ideas. I guess I should ask on the lace knitters email list next. That will garner some ideas no doubt!

PS: Evelyn Clark

I saw on Lime and Violet's Daily Chum (a really good place to learn about all sorts of knitting-related news) a notice about a new website for Evelyn Clark's stuff. Since she is one of my favorites, I jumped to the site immediately. You may want to, as well! It has new patterns you can buy, plus a schedule of her travels. Now THAT is one designer I wish would come to my LYS!


  1. The Surplice Top looks great!

  2. I had the same experience with a skein of Anne a couple of months ago! I think it took about 6 straight hours to get it sorted. I had 2 skeins and the second one was okay. They've had another couple of skeins of Anne go so bad at my LYS when they were winding them for customers, they could not be sold. I don't know what's with them, but it's unsat.

  3. Well, aha! Thanks for that Tidbit, Tania! Makes me feel a bit better.

  4. The top looks great. I think I'll make one, too, after looking at yours.

    I am also a fan of Evelyn Clark's patterns, but $9.95 a pattern seems steep to me. Thanks for the link, though.

  5. Oh, Suna, your entangling disaster is such a big relief for me. I had the same (with another yarn) some time ago and it took me hours and hours of work to be able to use it. I was so sure it wasn't my fault. I wish you all the patience in the world.

  6. The top looks great, and the disgusting mess is at least a really beautiful color. when it gets sorted out, I'm sure it will be wonderful


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