Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Obsession

Trekking XXL 101
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The interim count on my stash is 99 yarns on Ravelry. Of course, that is not all I own--I am still working on photographing the rest. But so far i can tell what my obsession truly is: Trekking XXL sock yarn. I have, ahem, 14 balls of this stuff in the stash so far. And I know I have resisted others mightily in yarn stores across this continent. (I am less successful on other continents: you may recall, I did buy about half of my 14 skeins in a recent orgy of Trekking caused by some limited edition yarns sold by Astrid's Dutch Obsession.) I think I will stop visiting that site, even though the Europricing is Euro-enticing.

But this IS lovely yarn. I love the way the colors change in some of the colorways, but all are marvelous. And it feels good, even if it IS mass produced. My (knitted) hat's off to the Zitrons, whoever or whatever they are.

Kudos of the same type are deserved by the designers who do Opal and sign the ball bands, but I sure wish they had better ball band glue--one of my Opals has lost its band! Maybe someone on Ravelry will ID it for me.

Holiday gift ideas for Suna: sock yarn! What a surprise. I have to say it's preferable to the endless parade of frog items my mother got, or all the owls Lee says HIS mother got. At least I could use the sock yarn, some day.

I got to see more of Jody's Krazy yarn yesterday. MMMM, color-y. You, too, will love them, once they start selling!

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