Friday, October 19, 2007

You Don't Know the Answer to This, Do You?

Linen Stitch Silk Poncho
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You see, yesterday I found these pictures of me in July 2005, wearing a silk/wool poncho I had made and was quite proud of. I should have been--that's Alchemy Yarns of Transformation Silk/Wool expensiveness you see there, and lots of it. I don't have any really good photos of that item, so I cropped some conference photos and used them (in this picture I am actually teaching Tuba Boy, my son, how to knit, and Edie Eckman, who wrote the Crochet Answer Book is right behind him!).

The deal is that the poncho is slipping off my shoulder. That irritates me. One side stays up, because it has a jaunty attached scarf on it, but the other side falls down. Practically every garment I knit falls off my shoulders. The Juliet sweater, the Cindy sweater, Althea (my Hempathy top), my ribbon shrug...the list goes on. So my question is: am I just knitting the wrong things or do I have defective, overly sloping shoulders? Am I ... gasp ... deformed??

No, I don't think I am deformed, perhaps just poor of posture. But I do hope that the lone button on Mr. Greenjeans will keep the darned thing ON me. And in case you were wondering, I did get to work on him some last night, and got at least halfway through arm #2. I may well have me a cardigan by Monday! I sure hope so.

I may get to start new socks, too. I am turning the heel on Redwood Pagoda Lace socks and they are looking good. It's interesting that no one has said anything about my pictures of the first sock (perhaps because it is on a scuzzy tour bus in glaring light), but everyone who sees the socks in person gets all excited about them. Expert knitters, people who want to learn to make socks, and even non-knitters comment on both the yarn and the pattern. So, while not the Sock of My Dreams with respect to pattern/yarn compatibility, I know it will be a good one that people will enjoy seeing me wear--and the yarn feels great. (There is more interesting new sock yarn in candy corn and neopolitan ice cream colors over at Knitivity if you want to take a look, by the way.)

Jody and I are having a big debate as to whether I should wear a fitted top, a shrug or a shawl for the wedding item. She loves shawls and thinks a shawl pin will save me from the dreaded dropping of the shawl on the ground while hugging a zillion people event, which I foresee if I wore one of those. Opinions welcome. And I am posting more and more options on my wedding project blog entry.


  1. Suna, I am green with envy of your weight loss, your knitting prowess and your... well, okay, everything. Would you mentor me through my first sweater? Because it's not going so well. As in, not at all.

    Heck, I'm trying to lose weight, too. And declutter my house. I'm looking to you for inspiration!


  2. It's beautiful. Yarn looks to have excellent drape and handle.

  3. I have the same shoulder problem with anything that has an wide neck. (and bra straps but that's another topic)

    I love the idea of a lacy shawl for the wedding much more than a shrug. and with the shoulder problem, a shrug might fall off but if a shawl falls off the shoulder it just looks sort of romantic. (if a top or shrug falls off, you might feel sloppy in pictures) Just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt!!

  4. Dear Suna, please no shrug... a shrug is something for the young and very, very slender because of youthfulness. It deforms your arms and gives mature women a typical form. A shrug, in short, is not elegant, and you don't want to marry in something not elegant. And I'm sure there are a lot of very elegant things. I will keep searching.

  5. But would a shawl pin stab you and the zillion people during the hugs? :-)

  6. People would be honored to be stabbed by the shawl pin! Just think of all the knitters, we'll be lining up to be stabbed and to pet the shawl while hugging... and congratulate Suna, too, I guess.

    Ok, ok, perhaps not so much, but a shawl pin from Designs by Romi has been ordered ( and I don't think stabbing will be toooo much of an issue. =) And the pins are super purty, too.

  7. Y'all are SO funny. Thanks for not only the good suggestions but for giving me good chuckles.

  8. I'm amused by everyone "congratulating" you in order to pet your shawl! *tease*


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