Friday, October 26, 2007

Enjoy These Patterns

Attention Lace Lovers!

Jody and I were just drooling (in separate rooms) over a collection of shawl patterns. I saw it last week when I was looking for the "A Girl's Best Friend" shawl (which apparently Jade Sapphire really doesn't want to sell many of, since it is so hard to find online).

Anyway, grab a hankie to wipe up your future drool, then go to the Woolly Workshop's Goddess Knits page. Feast your eyes on Celtic-themed (always Suna ni Brighid's favorite) lace shawls. Wish you owned some Pounds (good ole UK people, no Euro pricing for them). After cleaning your keyboard, purchase with your local currency--money is money!

And in good news--I believe I will have me a copy of that hard-to-locate "A Girl's Best Friend" beaded shawl pattern soon! I will have a person walk in a store, buy a copy and MAIL it to me! What a concept!


  1. And I just found that you can purchase the Goddess Knits for lovely price from:

    That's something that makes a girl happy!

  2. AND....they are downloadable from that site! One could start knitting said yummy shawls immediately.

    But you should go to the England site because their pics are wayyyy better.

  3. Suna, check back on my blog in the next few days. The Girl's Best Friend is blocking right now, and I'll have finished pictures up soon! (I'll find out about the pattern on Wednesday).

  4. The shawls are lovely, but it's the expression on the face of the model that cracks me up!


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