Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finished Mr Greenjeans and New Stuff!

Mr Greenjeans in Red
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I am happier that Mr. Greenjeans in Red is finished than I look in this photo. I promise to go outdoors and get a photo where you can actually SEE the sweater, too. It looks rather bulky in the photo (and I look sleepy, which I am), but actually fits well. I did block it out a bit, but I'd rather it fit like it does now than so tight I can't button it. Speaking of buttons, I sewed on the only one I own that is the right size, which is brown. I will be purchasing a different button!

Gotta say I am extra happy with this project. It fits, it has no glaring errors, it is pretty and it is warm. Since it has been rather cool the last couple of days, I am appreciating the warmth. The yarn is gorgeous in person--with it showed up better, but the light this morning was not good (photo taken before sunrise). [Edit: At left is a photo taken later in the day, where you can actually see the sweater, but I am a big glare.]

Now all I have to do is finish untangling that yarn and I can start the scarf! (I was out sitting at a football stadium where it was very windy and cold last night, so no unraveling for me--and little sock progress because my hands got numb and I had to put on gloves--gloves in sock yarn that I realized have not been photographed for Ravelry yet!).

Mail Call!

Yes, the letter carrier had left some things for me to find when I got home last night. First was an order from my old favorite online yarn shop, Woodland Wool Works. It is the place I ordered many dozens of balls of Plymouth Eros from in my scarf-selling days and where I got the yarn for my weird Annie Modesitt Vogue Knitting circular shrug.

This time I got Maizy sock yarn (it's made from maize!), because my neither LYS nor The Loopy Ewe has it, and I wanted to touch it. What a pleasant surprise that was! It feels a lot like Panda Cotton, which you know I like a lot and is mostly bamboo. Same manufacturer, Crystal Palace. It has a bit of elastic in it, but is mostly very soft and with a nice matte effect. I got rose colored yarn to make lace socks in, and a variegated one for some more plain socks.

In addition I got the roses color of Panda Cotton, because I liked it so much when my friend at Chicks with Sticks showed me hers. It matches my bathroom so well I wonder if I should make washcloths from it instead of socks! Ehh, no. Plus, I got some Opal, as if I do not already own enough of that...but I really wanted to get at least one skein of the Hundertwasser colorways, which were "inspired by the works of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser" before they stopped selling them. I got the yellow one depicted here in someone else's stash.

I do want to try the Maizy soon, so that may be my next "me" one after the one I designed and the final holiday ones.

One more item came in the mail and I am SSSSOOOOO excited! The Cat Bordhi New Pathways book arrived! And Amazon had said it would not get here until March! Woo! They must have rushed out that second printing after all. Of course, I want to try one of THOSE patterns--guess I will make one of those baby socks Cat insists that you make first, then consider gracing my sister with a much cooler sock than she was originally going to get, hee hee.

But really, I am just as happy as can be to get a chance to learn about these interesting new sock-making methods--nothing's more fun than trying a new technique or learning a new skill.


  1. top work, Suna, and that fast! Love to see a photo of Mr Greenbean when you are not sleepy. And very curious about the Maizy.

  2. Mr. Greenjeans looks great! The colors are very pretty and it looks comfy. I have no idea how mine is going to fit, but I hope it's comfy too.

  3. I love the way Mr.Greenjeans turned out!


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