Sunday, December 7, 2008

Equipment Malfunctions

OpArt Bigger
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Well, yes, OpArt is progressing nicely. I'm to the part where the rows are long and restful, or they would be if it weren't for equipment malfunctions. I have been through three sets of cables in the past couple of days, because my Knit Picks Options needles and cables are having a variety of issues. One of the size 6 needles came out of the holder, so I got some Super Glue and stuck it back in (I did the same to the size 9 one that had broken on Nancy last month). That is holding fine now. But, after that I have had TWO of the cables come unseated out of their bases. The first one I tried to use Super Glue on, and it glued, but the entire cable didn't get into the base, so it was catching on the stitches. Sigh.

I was really surprised on the way to church today when the next one I tried, which is a pretty long one, also came undone. I am wondering if they have hit some magic age at which the glue goes bad (I am pretty sure these are among the ones I got with my metal set, year before last), or if the OpArt stitches are just too much for them. Or...I don't know what. This second broken cable I just shoved back in, and it is holding up fine, though I am taking care to carefully slide the stitches without pulling on that joint.

I sure hope all of mine don't go bad, because I sure like these needles, especially the wood ones.

Um, anyway, the project is coming along nicely, though as you can see from the picture, the place where the colors change doesn't look real great. No method of joining I have tried has been ideal. Well, I am sure the baby won't mind. However, the baby's MOTHER is a very detail-oriented knitter, so I hope she can handle it.

I also have the plan to neaten all the ends on the inside and use a bit of Fray Check stuff to stick them down. They will look neater and I hope they won't intrigue the baby once she gets older. So she won't pick at them. I would have done that, myself, guaranteed.

The yarn shop was nice yesterday--lots of dads bringing in kids to buy Mom a gift. I did convince one guy that one skein of 92 yards wasn't enough to make anything, so he got three. I know his wife will appreciate it. There was some nice visiting and relaxing chatting. At this point, I am really enjoying my relaxation. It feels GOOD to not have anything pressing!


  1. I've had a lot of problems with knitpick cables, too. Glad I'm not the only one-- I'd been starting to get a complex about it!

  2. I have it on good authority that the baby's mother will be thrilled to wrap her little girl up in something made with so much love, regardless of how neat the joins are.

  3. Thanks, Katies! Both your comments made me feel good.


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