Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I need to wrap up!

Brr, it's been cold here in central Texas for the past few days, so I am very glad I have a Wrap Me Up wrap to wear today.

Yay, it's finished! Unfortunately, I was so busy insisting on finishing a matching hat last night that I didn't get any nice photos of the finished product. So, instead you get to enjoy photos taken with my phone. The first one shows mostly the hat, and was the best I could do in self-portrait mode. At least it is clear. You can also see that yes, they DO have windows at ALE and one is not all that far from my desk.

Anyhow, the hat is from a pattern my knitting shop friend Patricia, she of the great technical knowledge, designed for a class there. I decided to make it because it uses the same yarns as in Wrap Me Up, and I ended up with enough of each yarn to make something. Plus, it was going to be COLD! It's a fun hat, with striping courtesy of Noro Silk Garden, and a very simple fair isle motif in the center, made by bringing in some Cash Iroha, which I just so happened to have sitting in my bag.

The other photo here was intended to be a better photo of me in the Wrap, but I could not get my colleague to hold the camera/phone still while taking a picture. But, you get the hazy idea of how the wrap um, wraps, and a nice shot of my white board and computer screen, featuring a lovely Suna/Lee wedding photo.

I promise to provide better images ASAP!

But, to sum up this project, it was loads of fun, is very warm, is fun to throw around me artfully, and is the perfect thing to have around in a chilly home or office environment. And luckily I have at least one shirt that goes with it (see my fuchsia turtleneck there? Not much else goes with it!

After frantically making the hat all last night, I will be back on OpArt tonight, after working on a present to mail for a Yule Exchange and a couple of holiday cards for people who don't have email and might want to know I have a new husband and other useful details like that!

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