Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing for a FO New Year

I do so wish I could post that OpArt is done and an official FO in 2008, but that's not going to happen. What has happened, though, is it became obvious this afternoon (I got off early) that I will not be able to add another black stripe to the end of it. I am on the stripe with 9 garter stitch ribs, which is supposedly the end of the smaller version of the blanket, and I had to start the last skein of black. Since this stripe took up more than one ball, it's pretty obvious an even larger stripe would too. I must have a considerably different gauge than I thought I did.

The good news is twofold, though: 1) I do have enough to make one more white stripe (two more complete skeins and a wee bit of a third) with ten garter stitch ribs in it; and 2) I will be finished sooner than I thought! Honestly, it is plenty big now, so I don't think it will be a problem to lack those last two stripes, and I'd hesitate to order more black KnitPicks Shine, since blacks of different dye lots really can vary. Probably the white would, too.

A bonus: maybe I'll have enough to make a wee baby surprise out of the leftovers. Of course, now that I typed it, it will no longer be a surprise, huh. I have no idea how much yarn a genuine baby surprise jacket would take, but it would be fun to make one. Then the baby will blend in with the blanket, and Katie won't be able to find her unless she makes noise! And the other idea that just popped into my head is one of those "baby soakers" that there is a pattern for in the new Piecework. Even if they aren't going to be cloth diapering, the soaker is cute. So, Mom of the baby, what do you think? (She is actually too busy to answer, I am sure, so I will ask in person.)

Back to knitting and thinking about New Year's parties. I hope 2009 brings you good things, or at least good knitting to console you in challenging times!


  1. I can't wait to see the blanket finished! It's looking great so far (looking at the last post).

    I will be back in TX tomorrow night (or early Friday morning) and plan on being at BB Saturday morning - so hope to see you soon :-) The visit home was much needed...but, it will be good to get back to Texas.

  2. Actually, I've been sent to rest so I don't overdo it on the packing, so I do have a minute to answer. I feel so flattered to have so much of your knitting time. I think either the BSJ or the soaker pants would be cute - whichever seems most fun for you. Happy New Year!
    The Mom of the Baby

  3. Well, that way you start your year with lots of FO sooner. Wasn't the proverb; the earlier the better?
    Have a great year, Suna, with lots of happy FO's and great blogs and wonderful people who give love and warmth.


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