Friday, December 19, 2008

LYS Holiday Party and One Glove

Plymouth Sockotta 367
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On Wednesday we had a little holiday party at the LYS. It probably would have been a bigger party had the weather been better--it was really foggy (and continued to be for a couple of days). Still, we had a pretty darned good time, and some quite delicious food--the two shrimp dips were really popular as was the Stilton cheese (at least with me and Deana). The highlight of the event was a sock yarn Yankee Swap. Everyone brought enough sock yarn to make a pair of socks, in a paper bag (though some insisted on bringing NICE bags). We had about 25 bags of yarn. Much hilarity ensued as people kept stealing the coveted "good" yarn (which was one Jitterbug, one green Trekking, and a pink/white/gray unlabeled yarn that was easily recognizable as Cherry Tree Hill).

What was REALLY funny was that it quickly became obvious that most people brought their least favorite ball of sock yarn to trade. The photo depicts my contribution, and is a good representative. There was a lot of Sockotta. There was a lot of yellow/orange/pink Sockotta. And what wasn't Sockotta was yellow/orange/pink or a combination thereof in wool. I'd say over half the yarns were one of these. Hey, at least mine was pink/purple/aqua.

There was one set of Cascade Fixation, which I think the "winner" got happier after I explained you can make really nice socks out of the stuff. And there was an off-white bamboo that I liked. But, heh heh, I drew a high number, so poor Suzanne was doomed to have me snatch the Cherry Tree Hill away from her. Now I just hope I don't already own that color, since I know I liked it when it came out!

It was fun and I hope we do it again. Hey, and it was my idea! I win!

One Glove

Hooray for me, I finished the first glove for Beccano on schedule. He likes it skin-tight, so it looks a bit funny with no hand in it. He has quite a long hand and fingers (good for guitar), and the glove fits him glove. I did a good job on the finger joins and managed to not have any gaping holes due to my clever picking up technique that, alas, I can't describe in any way that would help anyone else. The thing I like least about gloves is that hole gaping between fingers. And I don't like messy gusset increases, but no worries there. I used left-leaning and right-leaning lifted increases and they look spectacular. I wish the darned thing weren't BLACK, so you could see it better.

Tomorrow I miss the yarn shop due to a choir rehearsal (and I sure could use some teaching money, with no "real" work next week). But, I'll get to hang around a bit on whatever days the shop is open next week. Except Tuesday Deana and I are going yarn shop hopping!

Too sleepy to type more, so I'll close and write more later! Keep knitting!


  1. Nice idea your sock yarn Yankee Swap! And your gloves look great!

  2. Ok, I spit my water when I got to "fits like a glove" part.


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