Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gloves Say More Triangle!

Gloves Say More Triangle!
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Yes! I finished Beccano's very exciting black acrylic sock-yarn gloves this afternoon with hours to spare before leaving for a holiday party. He made this victory sigh with them. The sign is actually one made at a concert he went to, which encouraged the triangle player to keep going on his "awesome" solo.

So, they are fine gloves and fit quite perfectly. I only had one place that I thought didn't look to great on a finger transition, but he said it was fine. I made the second glove just a smidge bigger than the first--two stitches more is all, but it does fit better. When I make the next pair I will measure my gauge first like a good girl.

So, do you think I get to go back to OpArt and Maelstrom? No, because I really need to make Lee's dear old dad a pair of house socks for Christmas. This means I need to stop blogging NOW and start on them.

But first, do you recognize this yarn? I could not find it under Cherry Tree Hill on Ravelry, and I even looked under Lorna's Laces Shepherd you recognize it by a more independent Indie Dyer? It did not have its label, and I would sorta like to ID it. If YOU donated it to the LYS swap, could ya let me know what it was, if you remember?

PS: Thanks to my fine commenters, and a more focused look on Ravelry, I have declared this to be Yarn Pirate in the color Pretty Pirate. Whew. Now I can stop looking!


  1. The skein of mystery yarn looks alot like Yarn Pirate in colorway Pretty Pirate.

  2. Great gloves, indeed! And wow, mystery yarn, love that.

  3. Oh, I agree with razorknitgirl, it does look like Yarn Pirate!


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