Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buy Now, Pay Later!

I wanted to share an idea that my friend John-Francis shared on his blog recently, the "Yarn Caddy 3000." It slices! It dices! Well, actually, it does none of that. It mostly unwinds your yarn. And you can easily make one yourself from readily available materials.

But it is such a cool idea, and so manly! Any knitting item made with clamps will defray any thoughts that a man knitter is not macho. Quien es mas macho? John-Francis! (I find this amusing, because he is trained as a French teacher and I praise him in Spanish. Alors.)

This thing really works, too. It sits there, nice and stable, and feeds your yarn to you steadily and neatly. We kept imagining them made in a variety of colors, perhaps using that textured spray paint to give the clamps and dowels a sassy faux finish...anyhow, click that link and enjoy. His blog is rather new, but he is quite fun and funny, so read some of the other posts, as well!

OK, that plug over, I did knit some yesterday, in between my car breaking down and being hit by an unpleasant virus. I got two more tiers done on the Dianna shawl, and no more knots in the Noro. In fact, it's looking rather nice right now. I think this will be a quick shawl, and predict it would make a nice gift item. (In case you haven't been keeping up, it's an entrelac shawl with a lace motif in each square.) Once you have mastered what to do on each type of row and coped with the non-standard format of the chart, it starts to move along rapidly. The beads I added are a nice bonus, too.

Lady Jane is finished blocking, but because I got sick, I didn't take pictures. More to come.

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