Thursday, July 9, 2009

Succumbed to New Yarn Yearning

Hmm, maybe New Yarn Yearning, or NYY, is a new diagnosis knitters may have. I seem to have succumbed to NYY badly with respect to the yarn I saw at Hill Country Weavers a week or two ago and could not stop thinking about.

So yesterday, since my work is on some interminable hold, Beccano and I journeyed to south Austin and I got some yarn. We had a nice trip, even though there was a huge delay due to an accident--we listened to music and he analyzed it for me (including telling me exactly what guitars members of various bands use, etc.).

Above is the one I really wanted. I ended up not getting my favorite color, which was a red, just because I already have a lot of red laceweight. This is a natural brown, so it has lots of bits of other colors in it. The brand is Isager Strik, from Denmark (well, I do have one reader who can read the website, but she probably already has). This yarn, Tvinni Tweed, is so lovely, though. Not sure what kind of wool it is, but it feels nothern, like Shetland stuff. I see another shawl from it, though it could be a nice cardigan, too. I have two skeins, so more than a thousand yards. I just have never seen yarn quite like this, so I had to get it. The photo shows a very realistic depiction of the color.
Beccano begged me to get the one above, too. He loves the color, which is also very accurate in the photo, for once. It is called Almond Green, but it is really a heather of a lot of subtle colors. I would like to make a lace stole from this. It is softer than the other, and is Højlandsgarn, whatever that means. It is made in Scotland, though, which hints it might be Shetland yarn, too. But I think it says merino on it (or the other one does--I am not at home so I can't check). I have three skeins of this, which is about 900 yards or so.
Finally, here is the Knit Picks yarn I kept forgetting to show you, for a second Lady Janevest. I will probably do a swatch to make sure it blocks, over the weekend. The colorway is Creme Brulee (with an accent mark I am too lazy to put in, but hey, didn't my Danish look good?). It looks pretty yellow to me.

Speaking of Lady Jane, the author contacted me on Ravelry and let me know that she put the binding off instructions in the pattern, so if you want to make Lady Jane, be sure you get the most current version of the pattern! I am going to be sure I have it for the second one! I promise to get a photo made of the final product on that one for you, maybe this evening.

My Dianna shawl is going great. I am on the 9th teir and it looks really, really cool. I am enjoying it greatly. It is complex enough to keep me on my toes, but easy enough I can mostly do it in public (unless there is WINE involved). I would like to do a KAL at the yarn shop on this, if they could get in some yarn with slow striping like a Noro sock yarn or JoJoland Melody. I guess you could make it in thicker yarn, but I am not sure how good it would look.


  1. Two accents actually... Crème Brulée...

    Of course it sounds fancy, but it literally means 'burnt cream' :) [giggle and smirk]

  2. Yummy! I think I am also coming down with NYY, LOL.

  3. Hah. Hmm. Isager. I'm not too fond of it. :P Granted, I've never used it, but the impression I have of it (from what I've seen, read and felt) is that it's horribly overpriced and perceived as being very exclusive. There is an Isager store in my old city and the women in there looked down their noses at me, like I wasn't good enough to use the yarn. I don't know anything about Marianne Isager herself, she's probably a nice person, but I haven't heard anything good about her yarns or her shops. But I really hope you make good use of the yarn and prove me wrong! The colour is gorgeous, I am defenseless when faced with a heathered yarn. ;)

    Højlandsgarn means Highlands yarn, btw. :)

  4. I refuse to believe it! There is no such thing as too much red lace weight!!!

    It's my favourite colour too and it's just been this year that I have been able to find (in laceweight) the deep shade of red I love so much. Now, red is EVERYWHERE. So I am in heaven.


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