Thursday, July 2, 2009

Final Glorious Aeolian Post

As the sun sets on another project, enjoy last night's sunset at the end of our block. I read something on a Ravelry group about how you sort of mourn the end of a project, and how blocking can be that final loving interaction with something you've shared your life with for weeks (or months).

So, here's how that blocking I did yesterday looks against a shirt. You can at least see how the beads look, or so I hope:

And here is the "money shot," the shawl in all its glory, free of pins and restrictions. It came out 98 inches wide, which is not all that much bigger than the size of the large shawl in the pattern. It is a large shawl, but not frighteningly humongous or anything. The bottom really looks pretty, doesn't it? And the top looks great when I am wearing it.

This is one idea of how I guess you'd wear it. The edging looks pretty draped that way. Mostly I am relieved it doesn't drag the ground or anything!

And now I am just being goofy, but it does look pretty, waving around that lovely edging. Aeolian is waving good-bye to you and I will focus on other projects!

I got up to the armholes on Lady Jane last evening at the yarn shop, but today I have work to do (yay) so progress will be slower. That's OK. Having money means I can buy more yarn.


  1. It is simply stunning! You did a wonderful job.

  2. I bought yarn yesterday and was looking through patterns- this is one I'm considering. Looks beautiful!

  3. I gasped at its beauty! (And the sunset picture was gorgeous, too.)

  4. Who says size doesn't matter??????


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