Friday, July 17, 2009

Found Some Cute Socks

Just a quick check in. Not much knitting has been going on because I have been working in an office instead of at home. Slows ya down. I am almost done with the next-to-last row I am going to do on Dianna, so that's about 16 more squares and a bunch of half squares left. I do like doing this project. And I swear I will next finish my unfinished lace projects...before starting something new, which I also swear or affirm will be blue.

I did get a new inspiration. I was on Ravelry looking at new projects that came through, and there were some VERY interesting socks. They are called Boxcar Socks and are by Carissa Knits. Go look at them!

Now that you are back, aren't those cool? I love interesting shapes in socks. Of course I have loads of skeins of yarn that would make really cool hexagons, so I am itching to do this one!

I guess when Dianna is done I will quickly sit there and knit that last couple of hours on the languishing Hopscotches (which I have to fix an error in--not good trying to do slip stitch patterns in a darkened room, drinking wine).

That's it for me. I hope to finally get those finished photos of the purple vest done--it is sitting in my bathroom waiting for me to do so. Then I will post pix!

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