Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a Doof! I Forgot to Post Finished Photos!

Ha ha, I am sure one silly girl. I wrote the whole post about my second Dianna shawl, then went to look at the blog and realized I never posted the finished first item! Well, here are those photos, thanks to John-Francis, who took them for me on Wednesday.

I laugh every time I look at my face in this photo (shows up better if you click on it)! But, I like the picture all in all, the shawl with all the yarn around it. At least you can get the idea of what size the shawl ended up. It's not too small, but I think I'd like one a little larger (hence the third skein on the second version).

And below is what it looks like on, which isn't too bad at all. You can see that I blocked a little scallop in the edges.

Sigh, there sure are a lot of photos of my backside these days, with me modeling so many shawls.

I gave the completed shawl to Susan, the recipient, today. She seemed very happy, and the shawl got many compliments. I am really happy with the project, though the colors are more subdued than I'd hoped. They are perfect for Susan, though! I think everyone benefits here!


  1. I was wondering why you had not posted the shawl already:) it's wonderful!

  2. That's lovely!

    I told the owner that she is welcome to send me anything she wants and I would talk about it for free if it were wonderful. Seems like a good compromise to me.

  3. SueAnn, this is so pretty! Love the colors and the pattern. Miss you guys....

  4. It is just beautiful Suna ~ Awesome job!!

  5. I haven't checked your blog since I got back, and oh my gosh, you have knitted some beautiful things! (How do you knit so fast?). I really love this shawl. I just bought a simple little shawl pattern to knit with one skein of sock yarn - not as complicated or as beautiful as this though..


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