Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here's Lady Jane Plus a Lovely Quilt!

All rightee, here are the promised photos of the blocked Lady Jane vest. It still fits nicely, but is longer than I thought it would be.

This first picture, above, shows you what disappointed me in the project the most--the sleeves really have no clue what they are supposed to be doing. They don't act like cap sleeves, they don't act like "sleeveless," they don't act like anything other than floppy fabric. I can't figure out what the heck to do with the sleeves. The other part I don't like is that where the v-neck starts there are loose stitches, or it's pulled away from the cabling...I dunno. I am going to have to fix that somehow. I don't know what to do about the sleeves.

It's also a bit longer than I thought it would be. That is not the end of the world, though, and the length is not that bad. But, I am a bit disappointed in this project. Which brought me a dilemma. My friend at church wanted me to make her a vest in exchange for a quilt. I was going to make the second Lady Jane out of the yellowish KnitPicks yarn for her.

But I thought and thought about it. I don't think she'd actually LIKE the vest. Then, look, she finished my quilt:

It's very nice! She used a strip quilting technique, and did a great job on it. The colors will go very well in our media room, too. I am enjoying looking at it sitting right where it is in the photo. I didn't want to trade this nice quilt for a cruddy vest.

Here you see a close-up or the quilting, which is a nice spiral pattern, using a long-arm machine. That sure works better than my machine quilting on my regular ole sewing machine (yes, readers, I did make quilts in my distant past). She used gold thread, which looks very nice on the back, which is the indigo fabric.

So, I decided to offer the friend my Dianna shawl instead of a vest. I happened to have it with me and showed it to her. Hooray, she loved it! Yes, that means I will give up the Dianna shawl, but since I happen to own to more balls of the same yarn, I realize that I can make another one. And I think I will! I think for myself I'd like a more brightly colored version, to wear at the office to keep me warm. It wouldn't need to match anything.

So, Dianna will go live with my friend, and I'll make another one. And I won't have to make another Lady Jane. That's actually quite a relief for me. One of those is enough. I liked the yarn, and I liked the cable and lace patterns. But, one is fine. I'll single crochet around the neck and arms and that may help.

I am going to sign off now and finish the final half triangles on Dianna. I'll have pre-blocking and maybe blocking photos for you next!


  1. Such a shame, I really like the look of Lady Jane and I'm sad to hear the pattern was a bit ambiguous and that the sleeves are wonky. Maybe if the pattern author puts out some corrections...

  2. It does seem to have grown a bit longer, but still looks good. However, Diana will be a far more interesting pattern to be knitting a second time.

  3. Could you make it shorter? Knit from the bottom... you can just pull a thread, and then bind-off (I've done it -- not as scary as it seams).

    As for the shoulder/sleeves, it looks as if they are too wide. It may have worked for someone else, but you are not built the same way. There should have been a little more decreasing at the armholes to a narrower shoulder, and it would fit better. Can you make a dart somehow to see it it works? Can you rip out that part and re-knit? Shame that you don't like it, just because of a small detail -- that can be repaired.

  4. Thanks, Pat. Actually, there is no decreasing for the armholes at all. I might fold them under to make a hem. The length doesn't bother me much, just the sleeves and the need for a finishing edging on the neck. I'll probably do those changes when fall rolls around. Whenever THAT is.


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