Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Pair Off the Needles

I'm glad I took my time with these socks, because I really enjoyed knitting them, especially the Seacoast Panda yarn, which is so nice and thin, with that lovely bamboo sheen. There are a couple of other pictures on my Flickr pages, so click the link under the picture to see how they look on feet. Walking Away Socks is a really nice pattern. I'll probably make the third variant eventually, too!

I started the Diamond Waffle pattern on Knitty in my Knitivity Redwood sock yarn. That is one complex set of instructions, dude. And why is there a full page photo of the socks? The detail is nice, but it ate all my printer ink. I think I should have looked over the instructions better before printing them out. But, they will look cool, if I can figure out all the various techniques.

Sweater Issues

So, I went home last night, finished these socks, then swatched the Kauni yarn to see if it would work with the Knitting Pure and Simple cardigan I am supposed to teach. The best I can get out of it is 6 stitched per inch, and the pattern wants 5. By the time I added in the stranded pattern, I'd really be changing the pattern like crazy if I tried to use that yarn. I do think I'd rather make a cardigan of the yarn, so I will either find another pattern or make up something.

In the meantime, I realized that Mr. Greenjeans, the next thing I want to make, IS a top-down cardigan pattern, and I already have the lovely Cascade 220 hand painted stuff to make it with! I can just use it to demonstrate techniques for the class--that will be fine! And at least I now know what yarns at the shop are appropriate for the pattern, so I can steer people to them. So, all is well. I don't have to buy yarn after all and can teach the class.

I did not neglect the surplice top yesterday. Both sleeves are complete and I am almost done with the edging around the collar/fronts (just two rows left--I got too sleepy to keep going). Next, whether I like it or not, will come the dreaded sewing in of sleeves and the less dreaded side seams. Then. whoa, I will be DONE! Imagine, a completed non-sock. I'll have something I made to wear to work other than Juliet! I am thinking I won't get to the sewing up until Sunday, when I can concentrate on it (tomorrow, yarn shop then a band contest in the evening). Perhaps I can sneak it in Saturday afternoon so it can block on Sunday.

I have some knitting books coming in the mail and some yarn (bad, bad yarn-buying Suna). I'll report on them and continue the teaching information later! Have a good weekend, readers!


  1. oh, I can't wait to see Juliet finished.

  2. I've been haunting your blog for a little while now.

    I *so* completely love the socks you make. I was at hill country weavers yesterday.. in what they call sock alley, and I thought of the socks you make. Keep on rockin.


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