Friday, September 7, 2007

Calm Your Enthusiasm

One Each of Gift Socks
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Yes, my period of not making the most visually exciting products continues, with a photo of one each of the two pairs of socks I am working on.

I must say that the brown acrylic worsted-weight socks came out more handsome than I'd imagined. And besides that, they appear as if they will be very warm and cozy on cold winter days. The soft Toddler Aran by Sirdar really IS soft, too! Making them on size 3 needles created a slightly more compact fabric than the navy socks had, so they will be better for Lee's dad. Lee actually likes the navy ones from last week just as they are, because he wants them to "breathe" (they're wool; they'll breathe).

At the last minute I decided to "gussie up" the Fortissima Socka Disco Colori socks for my sister and added a garter stitch crenelated top border to them. The top treatment is from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks for Warm Feet, and I used it on another pair of socks I gave away a few years ago. It looks nice both folded down and standing up. The challenge now will be to see if I can get the heel on the second sock to come out like the first one. The symmetry looks very nice, even if it wasn't exactly planned! I'll be sure to break for the heel on a blue row and hope for the best! Gosh, wouldn't it have been SMART of me to write down how many center stitches I left? Hmm, I think there were 11 wrapped stitches. I'll just have to count!

I have a long bus ride followed by two days without too many planned things to do this weekend. Hoping to get the second socks mostly done during that time. I look forward to posting more "exciting" photos soon.


  1. You sure are prolific these days. Gotta love socks!

  2. I like both pairs but I do understand what you mean. I have to knit John really dull pairs of socks(and sweaters).


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