Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two Socks in Progress

Two Socks in Progress
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Yes, I am caving in and letting you see my two socks in progress, aka SIPs. That's quite the exciting duo, isn't it? Not Suna's usual glaringly bright output.

But, elderly farmers with cold feet will appreciate a lovely brown top-down sock come fall (whenever that "falls" in Texas). That sock is now ready to have its toe done, since I got quite a bit more done after I took the photo last night and today as I listened to the Eggmen, a Beatles cover band, entertain at lunch (every once in a while paid employment has perks). If you're in Austin, check them out--they are one of the best Beatles cover bands in town (are there only two now?).

And below that is the one for my sister in Fortissima Disco Colori. You can sort of see the silver highlights gleaming in the flash. Odd colors, aren't they?

This is fairly tedious stuff, but I figure I will not feel guilty for switching to "me" projects if I get at least two holiday gifts out of the way (three if you count the navy ones I gave Lee). My hope is to be back at that surplice top I keep threatening to return to by the end of the weekend. Go me!

At least no other garment projects are tempting me. I actually want to work on the ones in my queue!

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