Sunday, September 2, 2007

Man Socks on Man Toy

Man Socks on Man Toy
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These are definitely not the most exciting knitted items I ever produced, but they will do the job. I tried to make them more exciting by posing them on Lee's motorcycle. Scary and manly they are now!

These socks are Thuja, from, which are worsted weight "house socks" for a man. Originally they were to be for Lee's dad, but I made them slightly too long, and Lee loved them, so now they will be for Lee when it gets cold in the winter. I made them in the classic Cascade 220 superwash, so they could go in the washer and dryer. They are navy bluem and have a garter rib pattern for a little interest. They knit up really, really quickly, so they would make a great holiday gift!

I got the yarn to make a brown pair and a ligher blue pair for Lee's dad. I may knit those on a size smaller needle, since these seem loose to me (even knitting on size 4s, when the pattern calls for 6s).

I am knitting a pair of gift socks for my sister in Fortissima Colori Socka Coliri Disco (or something like that) in an odd combo of tan, blue and gray, with silver highlights. I'm doing them in standard toe up with no patterning or anything, and have just about finished the heel. I'll take my time on these and work on other things along with them.


  1. Hi Suna! Love your manly socks shot! That's one of the things on my to do list - man socks. I even bought - yikes - black Meilenweit to make them. I have to ease the man into stripes and other colors! You know the drill - gray, gray, black...

  2. I made a pair with Cascade 220 (feltable) and used size 3 needles. I used a pattern from the Knit Socks book shaped like a sock.
    I really liked them and wear them quite often in the winter.


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