Monday, September 17, 2007

Sockilicious Knitting Weekend

I got more done on the Silver Leaf Reflections Walking Away Sock (what a mouthful) over the weekend, since I was away from home a lot and couldn't work on my bigger project. This sock looks teeny tiny when it isn't on a foot, since the whole front is ribbing and the back has ribs, too. But as you can see it fills out nicely.

I am loving the color of this Seacoast Panda yarn, and as always I love bamboo in sock yarn. Feels light as feather when it's on and is thin enough I will be able to wear it with nicer open-back shoes than my extra casual Birkenstocks and clogs. My previous pair is in sport weight wool, so it's thicker.

I enjoyed helping a lot more people at the yarn shop on Saturday, even if none of last week's students returned (one did call, though). I got to teach 3-needle bind off and got a nice teen girl going on a scarf. Plenty of knitting also occurred at a high school football game, waiting at a restaurant, watching football on TV and during an extra-long church service, the highlight of which was my son playing tuba.

I'll be posting more beginning knitting teaching tips later in the week so stay tuned.

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  1. I love these. Are they the same pattern as the pink-purple ones? I'm intrigued by the ribbing because I'm a little bad on gauge and I like rib to help "adjust".


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