Monday, September 17, 2007

Surplice Top Progress Report

Surplice Top Back
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Regular readers probably remember me promising to get back to this project, the Surplice Lace Top, from Nashua Handknits American Designer Collection, in Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton, logwood colorway. I started it in June then went on a sock binge.

This week I finally managed to get the back complete. I don't get much of a thrill out of long stretches of stockinette--feels like it will never end. But the way this natural dye makes mottled effects certainly makes the tedium worthwhile. Thank goodness for football games! As of last night, I am well into the third repeat of the lace panel for the front.

I am glad I found encouragement for knitting the back and front each in one piece, rather than attaching the lace panel later. It looks just fine.

Of course, I messed up and had some challenges--that's the way knitting goes! I think I used the smaller needle rather than the larger one on the top, but the size is only off a quarter inch. Then I tried to use one of my new KnitPick harmony needles on the second lace pattern, but my size 4 set has one defective needle--it won't screw all the way in. Grr. Now I will have to test them all to be sure they work and return the ones that don't work.

I must say the new Kntipicks needles are pretty. They are quite slick compared to bamboo, but not so much as their metal needles. I am questioning my decision to get the smallest sizes in 16-inch models, thinking I'd use them on little projects. They still give my hand a cramp. Wah. I will order 32-inchers too.

I know I will really enjoy wearing this, so I will work hard to finish it. My other motivation is that I bought enough of my favorite Cascade 220 hand-dyed for making that beautiful little cabled one-button cardigan Greenjeans from the new Knitty (see previous post). It has jumped to the front of the queue, because I both love the pattern AND the black/red Cascade yarn that looks like dying embers.

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  1. Suna, I love this top! What do you mean by knitting in one piece? On a circular...? Wasn't the pattern like that? Are you already on Ravelry?


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