Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grab Your Credit Cards!

OMG! Even a headache and arthritic hands couldn't stop me from buying a lot o' merchandise before my first cup of coffee was finished this morning.


Run! Quick! You know they'll sell out!


And they are birch, with fairly sharp points. Oooh, that sounds nice. I think my knitting life may now be complete. I will have circulars in 0-3 including all the wonderful "in between" sizes we sock knitters love, plus 4-11 interchangeables in this beautiful new needles. Heck, who cares if I like to use them or not. They are PRETTY.

I think my morning email from Knitpicks was the most exciting thing that's happened in many a week.

Oh happy day! Since I have been missing out on things by dawdling (like Ravelry and the Cat B. sock book), I figured for ONCE I'd get my stuff in time. It's only been a few hours since the email came in, and many people sleep in on Saturdays...maybe I will actually get the needles!

In My Own Less Hyperventilation-Inspiring Knitting News

I did get down to the gusset on the second brown sock between the bus and lulls in the high school football game, which, by some miracle, our high school won. We were WAY the underdogs. Off to the yarn store to shriek about the new raibow needles and finish that one and get moving on the Disco #2.


  1. Well, I took a detour, but I'll have the Knitpicks Options set. You folks all can have those coloured needles, we here in Europe move the world to get the 'normal' ones. :-) And you are so right: they are pretty!!!! And funny. yes.

  2. WAY behind in blog reading but I'm so glad you posted about the knitpicks needles. They are so pretty!


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