Friday, August 31, 2007

I Am Consistent!

Hercules Sock-a-Rama
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I went to the sock drawer this morning to find Blue/Green socks for the "dress your school colors" day at work (I dressed in the kids' high school colors, since orange and blue don't suit me and I own no Gator or Illini items). What did I see was a sock I made last year and wore a lot. I also saw my Sea Wool socks I finished a few weeks ago.

Whoa, look at that, sez I. They are the SAME colorway.

I must really like those colors to have bought them twice, a year apart. At least they are different in composition, and I knitted them differently. I guess I know what I like. And it's those subdued colors.

Not much knitting happened yesterday, but I still got to toe toes on the worsted weight socks. So you'll have a photo of one of them tomorrow. I don't know whether I will put them on me, where they will be too long, or on Lee, where they will be too short. No one in the house is a men's size 9.5.

The exciting weekend plan is to finish the lace sample and trudge along on the top of the pentagon. Round and round plain stockinette in a solid color is something I need distraction to work on; otherwise it's pretty boring. However, the bag will be SO cute...need to finish it!

In other news, I seem to have won another contest over at the Campanula for the Cure KAL, so I think I will stop entering them and let someone else win. I anxiously await prize announcements, though, since their sponsors are people I've never bought stuff from before.

I'm also really happy to have inspired at least one other knitter to work on Kaylee. She posted a work in progress photo on my Flickr pages, so go check it out!


  1. I TOTALLY want to knit Kaylee, but, you pair of socks at a time, and I still haven't finished my birthday yarn socks. (Almost. I keep changing my mind on the cuff. What's a good toe-up cast off?)

  2. Here's the cast off I use:

    Knit 1
    Stick that stitch back on the left needle
    **Knit that and the next stitch together.
    Stick the new stitch back on the left needle.**
    Repeat part between stars.

    If you purl instead of knit, the edge curls toward the inside of the sock and is less visible.

    You can also knit in the pattern of your ribbing, if you wish. That is how I cast off the Kaylees.


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