Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer of Socks 2007

Summer 2007 Socks
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Yes, August is almost over and I am declaring Suna's Summer of Socks 2007 over. (I didn't realize it was going to be a summer of socks, but it was.)

This picture has at least one image of every pair of socks I made this summer, with a couple repeated. I made ten pairs in all, starting in mid-June, which is not like some of the pros, but pretty good for someone with a full-time job who can't knit on the commute! I have three days of August left to finish the second Kaylee sock, which actually should occur tonight.

I will be trying to finish the sample of Jody's Color My Yarn Krazy laceweight by Friday so I can block it and take it to the LYS on Saturday. That should be possible--I doubled it last night and also worked on the sock AND did a rehearsal! Don't forget you can read more about her luminous semi-solids project and sign up for a mailing list about her new yarns, which will do until she gets a website set up (see yesterday's post for instructions).

Once those items are off the list, I will finish the pentagon project, which is growing steadily but with 250 stitches around, simply will take a while to finish. Then I PROMISE to finish the surplice top. Um, and start those Christmas socks. I found a pattern on Knitty.com that will liven up Lee's Dad's worsted weight in solid navy, which is a relief.

Happy Back to School week in much of the US!

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  1. suna, I wanted to subscribe but something is wrong in the way you installed it... though I have a Feedblitz username etc. I get an error. And I'm lazy. Want to follow you by e-mail (are you on ravelry yet?)

  2. I just subscribed an alternate email address and it went through just fine. Thanks for alerting me--I hope it is all fixed now.

    No, still waiting on Ravelry. It will be a while unless they start adding more quickly. There are still 6,000 people ahead of me. Wah.


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