Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pentagonal Progress Report

Pentagonal Progress
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Here's progress report #2 on the Pentagonal Project. It's going a bit slowly because I am also working on the Campanula sock. It's nice to go back and forth.

You can see it's easy and fun knitting. I made a mitered square off each end of the pentagonal base, and now I am making a row of half-sized squares on top of that. Not all the big squares are so similar--just those two in the photo. I have not yet decided what to do after this row of squares. There will be one more Kureyon element, however, and then it will get felted. You will have to wait and see what happens next!

Campanula Progress

Like I said, I am also moving along on the Campanula for the Cure sock, and will post more about it on their blog (listed in the blogroll at left). I am enjoying watching the flowers grow, and am almost to the point where the gusset starts. I'd be way past there if I hadn't been so tired from some hard web design work, paying bills, and doing tarot readings last night. I just couldn't knit and went to bed early.

Also I knew I'd be woken up before 5 am for some annoying-yet-humorous high school band tradition involving seniors waking up juniors, dressing them in funny clothing and making them eat breakfast. The photo of my son showed he was NOT amused. I am certain he's laughing by now, though.


  1. I'm really intrigued by the pentagonal project. It's very pretty.

    Laughing a bit at the picture of your son. I'm not sure if the kids around here have that kind of tradition. My son's not that old yet.

  2. Your campanula looks wonderful... have to exercise more, go on with my two up on two circulars to reach the heel etc. If I know how to do that...
    Oh, and Suna, what IS the pentagonal? Is it a bag?


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