Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stash Enhancement Lovelies

Stash Enhancement Lovelies
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My shipment from the Loopy Ewe came in yesterday, and what a bundle it was! I got some really interesting yarns, because for the first time I managed to get up and ordering early enough after new yarns were put up that I got some of the "cool" stuff. And I got a red stitch marker, too. I love red.

Hey, for once, one of my photos came out with accurate color (the light was good, and there was no flash).

On the far left is stuff from Woully Boully, signed by the dyer, Ms. Boully. It's that highly twisted bouncy base yarn I like so much, in a colorway called Beneath the Cherry Trees. Really pretty colors.

Next is some really interesting yarn from Duet. It's Duet Skinny (and yay, it IS nice and thin) in a color called Platinum Sun. I got it because I realized I didn't have any yellow sock yarn. You can't have that. But what's cool is that it comes with a second little skein in a solid color to use on heels, toes and cuffs. KEWL!!

The dark yarn is by those wonderful J. Knit folks, made especially for the Loopy Ewe one-year anniversary called Happy Anniversary to Ewe (I don't know what all the famous bloggers did for yarn before this place came along). I love the colors--they will go well with jeans and stuff, and it's dyed in that wonderful random way that my Sea Cell was dyed. Lots of variation. It is more loosely spun, but very soft. I can't wait to knit with one of my skeins of this stuff. The pattern is a free pattern that was designed to go with the sock, celebratyro something or other.

And on the far right is some really special stuff. It is Fleece Artist's newest yarn, Somoko. It has all sorts of wonderful things in it, including mohair and silk, plus the nylon needed to make it strong. Well, it feels heavenly. The colorway is Sun, again because I have so little yellow or orange yarn.

That's it for fun with yarn! I need to finish Campanula socks so I can knit with one of these (next is Fiesta Boomerang, already decided).

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  1. Oh they are all lovely and I have comments for each but I'm most enchanted by the Duet with the solid complimentary color included.


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