Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Sock on the Road

Bee or Kaylee from the Front
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I do love to take pictures of finished objects in moving vehicles. Well, it is fun. And if the car isn't bumping around, the light is nice. With a new driver, there are a few bumps, even in our new Limo Truck.

This is the Kaylee or Bee sock #1 in finished glory. There are two other photos, from the side and back, in the Flickr gallery, if you want to see them. I don't usually like to make socks with thick yarn, but the Fiesta Boomerang in Stargazer colorway has such a wonderful texture and subtle sheen--I had to make it into socks, even if they turned out to just be house socks.

I am so glad I happened upon this pattern in someone's blog (it was among her "I want to make these" listings). In the picture it appeared to be knit from something at least sport weight, so I figured it would work for the Boomerang, And as you can see, it did. What a cute central motife, and what a nice side pattern that echoes it. I did my usual toe starting with Turkish cast-on, then a short-row heel that I did fairly competently, thanks, and a nice twisted rib on top, ten rows of it, followed by the same bind-off I did on Campanula.

This certainly knitted up faster! I will have sock #2 done in a couple of days, I am sure.

I did get in my final Loopy Ewe order for a while (on a yarn diet until My Man Lee gets a job), and in it was a clear bag for carrying a sock project. Since my poor Louisa Harding bag has been carried so much it's getting all scruffy looking, I figured I'd better switch to something else, but something I can also hang off my wrist while walking around. This little bag does it.

Lee looked at all three yarns I got, and declared his love for Sea Coast's Panda wool and bamboo blend in a shimmery green and silver colorway that is very different and has a nice sheen. It seems sold out so I don't know the link to it.

I also got Spritely Goods in a perky Spring Tulip colorway and from the Knitterry, 4 Ply sock yarn in an orchid color (I hope the pix will show up if the yarn sells out)

Tomorrow: yarn that is not for sale yet but you will want it, I guarantee. Preview pix can be seen in the Flickr gallery.


  1. I ran across the Kaylee pattern when I was searching for project bags (hers are too cute, btw). I printed it for my waiting list. I decided to make my own project bags out of the legs of a too-big pair of jeans! They are waiting to be lined - at mom's where my sewing machine is.

  2. Maybe it was your blog I saw Kaylee on, Knittybabe.

  3. I love the way the Bee came out! The color is wonderful


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