Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Blast from the Past: EntreLucy Bag

EntreLucy Bag
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I have no current knitting excitement to report . I am just knitting away on the second sock of the pair I posted about yesterday. Its name is now Neptune, as the colorway was re-dubbed by a sock-knitting list member after a discussion of why colorways make no sense, with "Hercules" as an example. The colors are more Piscean/Neptunian!

So, with that little news I decided to post another past project. I believe this bag was knitted around the holidays in 2005. I was in a big craze for knitting entrelac after the Winter Olympics, when I made my first entrelac felted bag (I posted about it here .) I was enjoying that whole knitting backwards thing so much that I wanted to do more. And I had a bunch of leftover Silk Garden from my modular vest (posted about here ). So, I got out the trusty ole Lucy Bag pattern and looked at it. Sure enough, the base ended up with exactly the right number of stitches to do some number of 8-stitch motifs in entrelac. I knitted up a bottom and then entrelac-ed to my heart's content. Of course, I had to go buy another ball of yarn, ruining my virtuous idea of using only stash for the bag. But it's OK. I liked it a lot. I even liked my seed stitch handles. Nice texture and I like seed stitch a lot now that I am a continental knitter (hated all that switching back and forth when I knitted the other way).

Then I washed it. Why? Because someone at the LYS had wondered if Silk Garden would felt. I didn't think so, but decided to see what would happen. Wow! What happened was that the Silk Garden got very very soft. It didn't shrink much, maybe a bit. But WOW is that a soft bag.

I use it to carry projects, though right now I am using other bags more. I should have lined it, because needles poke through it. But I hate to sew anything other than a rectangle.

There's a woman who comes to the LYS who made a similar bag in shades of purple and felted it. But she used entrelac on the bottom, too, making smaller and smaller diamonds. That is one beautiful bag.

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