Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitting Potpourri

Bee Sock
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I spent yesterday knitting a lot, but on three different projects, so not much got done on any of them.

Here you see the Bee socks, which are really Kaylee socks and are supposed to be fireflies, which makes sense if you ever saw that Firefly TV show. I still think they are bees surrounded by honeycomb, so I will name mine "Bee" anyway. The color in the photo is sorta weird, but I promise better pictures as soon as my camera is back from the warranty repair place (today!).

I am knitting these on size 1 needles (GASP, such huge needles!) and the yarn is thick, so they are sturdy li'l things. But, they'll be perfect with Birks or around the house. Love love love love love Boomerang.

The Campanula socks did get more work done yesterday, too, and I have only one repeat to go before the toes. That will ALL go much more quickly now that I have a CHART. So many thanks to Maggie who posted the chart to the Campanula for the Cure blog!! I love charts as much as Fiesta Boomerang.

AND I started the top to the Pentagonal Bag (yes it is a bag). It is turquoise SWTC Bamboo. And getting it started was hard on my hands, but it's moving along now. I will take a picture once I have a bit more done. This is going to drive poor Dragonfly and YvonneP crazy with waiting. I just hope I figure out a handle for it, eventually.


  1. Well, I was glad that I understand a bit your pentagon project and now you are talking about handles. Well, I wait. And I am the patient type. I love the beesock. That is Beautiful Yarn!!! I love the colourway. And I like the one pattern in the middle of the foot pattern (I don't know the english name for it). So, another pattern for later. :-)

  2. The bee sock is great. I love the yarn that you are using for it.


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