Friday, August 17, 2007

Not That AGAIN!

One more exciting photo of the pentagonal item before felting. I give you a peek into the inside, where you will note a very bright stripe. That is a crocheted band all around the border of the small squares and the top striped edge. It is bamboo. Why? Bamboo doesn't felt. Let's see what happens when it comes out of the wash!

No other knitting progress due to having lunch with a friend, which means the Campanula for the Cure sock languished. I hope to finish it by tomorrow and get rolling on #2. I am supposed to take it many places and discuss it, according to the Knitalong lady, so I guess I'll blab about it at the LYS and band enrollment day at the high school.

At least I didn't buy any yarn yesterday, nor will I today.

PS: I hate it when I write a long opinion thing and no one says "you rock" or "you suck." I always know that to guarantee no comments on a post, all I have to do is put my opinion about something in it. All my political posts on my personal blog are like that, too. But, if I post a quiz or something, people are all over it. (Link to personal blog is available on request.)

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  1. oh, I wasn't supposed to post a comment below. Silly me for reading the posts I missed in chronological order. *grin*


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