Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm a Winner, at Least in My Own Mind

Pair of Campanulas
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Yay, there are now two, count 'em two, Campanula for the Cure socks and thay are on my feet. The picture isn't great, but I was in a hurry to take it, because I thought maybe I'd be the first person in the KAL to finish their pair.

And I think I am! Huh, my first Knitalong and I finished first. I think the usual speedy knitters weren't doing it, and that's the only reason, because I really was NOT hurrying on these. I skipped a day more than once, and spent a lot of time with all that frogging (on sock #2 I re-did the entire heel because I got lopsided somehow). I am not sure if I get a prize or anything for "winning" but like the title says, I am a winner in my own mind.

Of course, on the last repeat or so the pattern began to make sense and I messed up less--the chart was very helpful. I was asked if I was planning on making another pair of, not right now, anyway. I do think they'd be lovely in a darker color, and I do have some J. Knits in light purples (New Jersey colorway) that would look nice with it...but so many socks, so little time, as they say.

So far everyone who has seen these socks has commented on their beauty. They were well worth knitting. I encourage you to check out the website and give these a try! Many thanks to Ramona to the pattern and Maggie for the chart!


  • Pattern: Campanula Lace Socks (available at link above)
  • Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Pale Fire (from Loopy Ewe)
  • Needles: Size 0 Knitpicks circular
  • Modifications: Toe started with Turkish cast-on, gusset increases and decreased done one stitch inward to createa little drama, stopped leg after 4 repeats because I liked that length. 8 rows of twisted rib at the top (the purled cast-off worked nicely).

I am going to move on to working on the thick Boomerang Bee socks while in the car or at work, and getting back to the surplice top (remember it? Started in June?) at home.

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