Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pretty Knitted Necklace

Knitted Necklace
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Today's knitted item is not by me, but is one I own. My LYS colleague Amy has taken to knitting these beaded necklaces, and I loved them so much that I bought this one off her (feeling slightly guilty because this color really brought out the blue in her eyes, but hey, she can make another one).

I have ordered one with reds and silvers in it. I hope she finds some red beads!

I love the pattern she uses, which is a simple short row pattern that makes the necklace hang nicely and keeps the beads facing forward. I am guessing the most time-consuming aspect of making the necklaces is stringing the beads. She uses a nice combination of "fancy" beads and your garden variety craft-store beads (which sparkle just fine, thanks).

I'd enjoy doing these, but with my queue, I know it won't happen. So why not support a fellow knitter, I say! I am so lucky to know so many talented people, both online and in real life!

Progress Report

I finished the heel and started up the leg on Campanula Sock #1. I seem to be about as far as some others on that project. Much of the evening I spent thinking about projects, reading the new Annie Modesitt book, Romantic Hand Knits (very pretty stuff, though mostly for people less lumpy than me) and thinking about home improvement projects.

I've been thinking about home improvement a lot because we (actually, Lee) just painted the guest room a pale grass green and lavender. I contributed by ordering a dainty coordinating set of sheets, comforter and curtains, though. Now the home of my knitting books will look spiffy. The summer of bedroom makeovers is almost complete!

Bad, Bad Me

Back to knitting, sigh. I ordered more yarn. A LOT of more yarn. There were some fascinating new things at the Loopy Ewe yesterday, and because for once I got there before everything was gone I "had" to snap up some interesting sock yarn (Woolly Boully was neat--comes in amazing colors. And then there was this Duet stuff, with coordinating solids to match a selection of really different and interesting variegated yarn--there was a pink, black and white one I loved but knew I'd never wear, which is, of course, all gone now).

Then today, sigh, I ordered all these new and hard-to-find fall Trekking XXL yarns from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. I love Trekking XXL. And um. That Kauni stuff that makes the cool sweaters. And, very guilty about this one. The new Regia sock yarn with pom poms on it. Heck, I just want to SEE that stuff in person, and they don't sell it here. At least it will take a LONG time for the Dutch yarn to arrive. No more yarn for a while. I swear and affirm.

Plus, there are two items I am just dying to buy: the new sock book by Cat Bordhi and Evelyn Clark's new booklet on making her wonderful triangular shawls. A lot of the shawls I have knitted were designed by Evelyn Clark, so I am extra excited about that one--I would like to try designing some like hers on my own.

PS to Yvonne: yes, it is.


  1. Hi Suna, we actually knew each other in a "past" life. We were in La Leche League and did some things way back in the old days. Thanks for your comment on my Crafty Creations Blog. You've got some cute things going on as well. I'm a part of a Texas women knitters list called Lone Star State Knitters (LSSK) on yahoogroups you might want to check out, sometime. We do all types of knitting, but also get into family stuff, as well. Lots of Austin area folks, they meet monthly for get togethers up there. A neat way to connect.
    "See" you around the internet.

  2. way behind on blog reading, but that necklace is wonderful!


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