Thursday, August 9, 2007

Noro Pentagon

Noro Pentagon
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Here's an enticing glimpse of the project I started at Chicks with Sticks yesterday. While listening to an online meeting at work I had a flash of insight about something I wanted to make, so I marched on over after work and got some Noro Kureyon and another coordinating yarn to get moving on it. That pentagon is the beginning of the project. I think you can see it has five sides from the photo. Tomorrow I will share more of what I am doing with it. Hint: it will be felted, but not all of the item will be felted! And another yarn will be involved.

I was reading about knitting pentagons on one of the blogs I read and it gave me the idea for this thingie. It's a fun shape and will make a great basis for my project!

You'll note that it doesn't have my usual pretty increases, just KFB. And the start is not attractive either--my circular crochet cast-on would not tighten so I just did a Turkish one then turned that into a circle. Next time I think I'd crochet cast on 5 then increase on the first row to ten, knit a row, increase in every stitch again, then commence to increasing every third row, which is what the instructions I read said to do to make it come out nice and flat.

Since I am going to felt this, I am not too concerned about how the center and increases look. They will get all smooshed up in felting (yeah yeah, I know it's really fulling). At least I hope so. I just realized I now have a front-loading washer. I hope it felts.

Still working on my Neptune socks at work on lunch break and whenever we go anywhere and I am not driving, so they will get done. I am almost to the heel. Everyone at the yarn shop admired their extreme loveliness.


  1. If all else fails, we have a top load washer you can use!


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