Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More on VK 25th

I posted some stuff about the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary issue yesterday, and noticed I got a lot of hits from it. I guess people are looking for reviews. I felt a bit bad, because I'd only reviewed about half the magazine. I did manage to finish it yesterday. There's so much in there!

I am amazed at the range of techniques, yarns, and styles represented among all the patterns. Some things I don't think I would ever knit, but are fun to look at (the giant folkloric coat with fur trim, for example). But a few seem really nice (especially the lace shawls in the smaller ad section from various manufacturers in the middle of the magazine--a couple of doozies there, especially the one from Alpaca with a Twist--lacy but with substance--could be a lap warmer, too).

I regret being short and not reed-thin when fashion dictates a lot of bulky knits and tunics. There are quite a few longer cardigans and bulky pullovers I would just LOVE to knit, but that would eat me up. (No, the extremely gigantic pullover that's a tribute to a past issue is NOT one of them.) Well, that's really why I don't knit too many garments--the techniques I love (cables, etc.) bulk me up, as nice the Lily Chin article on figuring out what will look good on you points out. I don't have the magazine here, but there is one tunic based on a past pattern that has ribs that use shaping to go in different and flattering directions, which I was very impressed by (I was the first time, too). That one may get knitted.

They also featured the circular cardigan that I did knit (I mentioned it when VK wrote me about putting an image on their site and today I found the link to it--my moment of fame!), which was neat--loved the new colorway. I have to say, though, that some of the items looked better in the 80s/90s colors. At least one checked sweater was so muddled by the new colors chosen that you can't see the pattern. And sigh, no matter what color, I still don't get the appeal of that world map sweater.

Oh yeah, one more point. It's a shame that silver doesn't photograph very well. I think that is one of the biggest problems with all the gray and silver items in the issue. The sheen and sparkle don't come through very well, and they all look kind of bland. I know that most of the items are just incredible in person. There's also a dark purple sweater that you can hardly see in the photos, but I predict is just awesome if you actually see it. That said, all the red items were beauteous.

BUT, that's the thing! There is something for everyone in such a huge edition of a knitting magazine, and hours of fun to read and analyze. I am taking my copy to the yarn shop, hoping I have someone to analyze it with!

Well, that's the best I can do as a quick addendum in which I can't refer to page numbers, pattern numbers or names of things. Maybe I will add references when I have better access!

Knitting: I got more than halfway down the foot on the second Panda Cotton sock, so I should get that done today. I will enjoy them--they look cute with cropped pants, which longer socks really don't. I picked my Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn with seacell in it for my next project. Oh boy oh boy. This is the kind of hand painting I really admire--when I unwound the hank, I saw that some sections of it have different colors in them, which means that the yarn will not repeat the exact same sequence of colors. That will be extra, extra fun. All the colors are lovely, too, deep muted tones of denim, gold, scarlet and turquoise, with browns and mauves creeping in (it is Hercules, if you are keeping track). I looked through a lot of sock patterns last night, too, and of all things, I am still settled on the one on the yarn band, which is a textured peak and valley pattern called Bordello, by Cory Watt (love it when they give attribution!). I like it a lot. However, I will do lifted increases that slant in the appropriate directions instead of KFB because I think that looks prettier and will make for a smoother up-and-down look. And if it looks worse, I will start over. Hee hee.

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  1. I've got to take a look at that magazine when I'm at the bookstore Monday.

    You describe absolutely lovely sea wool yarn at the end and now I just want to see it. Sounds beautiful!


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